About Logic Edit

Logic cubes are in game tools that players can use to create more advanced projects. Logic cubes used to need a power source in order to work. This is excluded spawnpoints, sound emitter, global speaker, flag ,pressure plate and sentry tower.

Without Logic Boxes, many of our best games wouldn't have been impossible.

  • Pressure Plate: A grey plate that when stood on (by a player), it gives out an output of logic signals. Special Abilities: Can be turned invisible (by right-clicking and clicking Settings.) 
  • Skybox: A box with a sky with mountains painted on it. Special Abilities: Can change sky color when set (by right-clicking and clicking Settings.)
  • Water Plane: A box that covers the entire world under it with water. Special Abilities: Water color can be changed (by right-clicking and clicking Settings.)
  • Smoke: A box that produces smoke. Special Abilities: None.
  • Fire: A box that produces fire, which is dangerous to players. Special Abilities: None.
  • TNT: A box that explode and deal massive area damage if powered.
  • Sound Emitter: A box that emitts sound. Special Abilities: The sounds can be changed/edited (by right-clicking then clicking Settings.)
  • AND Box: A box that only puts out Logic Signals when all Logic connecting to thew input is activated. Special Abilities: None.
  • Pulse box: A box that makes whatever is connected to it pulse. Special abilities: Control how fast the logic pulses.