KoGaMa have a big Player Community.

-Tourists: Tourists are Players, where don't make a Registration. They can't build and they can't get a own Profile or LvL Ups.

-Noob Players: Players, where made a Registration, but they can't good build or good Play and are same like Tourists, just with the Right to build Projects and the Right to get a Profile and LvL Ups.

-Copy Noob Players: Players with different Skills in Playing KoGaMa, but they make Copys of good Modells and get Golds with the Copys.

-Normal Players: They are very different, have different Skills, they dont make Copys.

-Pro Player: They can very very good Play and have master Skills. Pro Players are very popular.

-Pro Builder: The Playing Skills of the Pro Builder are very different. But they can build very good Modells, Skins or Maps. The Most Pro Builders are popular, but Pro Builders are rare.

But KoGaMa is a good Community, but the Community have Little Wars because evil Players:

Cheater: Cheaters have different Playing Skills, but they use Fly Hack, Speed Hack, Life Hack, Weapon Hack and more. Cheaters don't have Honor and are not good.

Hackers: Hackers are Players, where stole other Accounts. More Hackertypes exist. Typ 1 stole the Gold and destroy Maps and Skins. Typ 2 just stole Gold. Typ 3 make nothing with the stoled Account and use the Account for own Things. Typ 4 just destroy Maps and Skins.

Insult Players: Many Players Insult other Players without Reasons.

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