Jonas99 was the 6477 member to register on He created "Roller Coaster" that was the most popular game on for many months. 2012 he had 7 games on the highest rated page which is a Kogama world record. He was awarded with 4 extra badges in 2014. He's the father of roller coasters, hundreds, maybe even thousands games with roller coasters have been created after his game. Edit

He had most silver on kogama for some months in 2013 and in august 2014 he owns 3.090.000 silver, all earned by models. He was the first person ever to win 2 "Game of the week" badges and also the first one to win 3. (survive adventure, DJ! and be an agent). He was the second one ever to win the "model of the week" badge. He is also one of the first members to speak to a Kogama admin in the phone. Edit


1st halloween competition

2st youtube competition

2st race competition

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