The impulse gun is a weapon that is free in your inventory when you start building games.

Appearance Edit


Its a Steel Like "U" Styled Belt accessory with gold bocks in the end and middle of the "U", The belt haves a gold Brooch on it's Front.

Behavior Edit

The Impulse Gun Creates a Concentred gravity sphere in the middle of it, If you hold the pointer the AMMO will start to charge, creating a stronger gravity, when you release it, it will generate a gravity wave, trowing everything to the air, it can be also used when you look down and shoot it to a high jump.

Advantages Edit

  • It can be used to push opponents away
  • Can be used to impulse you out of a firing area
  • Have Unlimited Ammo

Disadvantages Edit

  • Charges slowly
  • If you kill a enemy with it, it wont count as a User-Kill, Instead, a scenary kill.
  • In other words: If you kill somebody with it, it wont count as a point to your team in PVP games, instead, game thinks you killed it by something like fire or poison.